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The Conquest of Death

Originally Published: 1907

by International Scientific Association Publishers, Seabreeze, Fla,.

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I. Can Death Be Overcome?

II. The Writers of the Bible Believed That Death Could be Overcome

III. Immportality In The Flesh Rests Upon The Fact That The Highest Always Has Power To Control All Below It

IV. From The Standpoint of Personal Experience

V. The Effort Of Jesus To Overcome Death

VI. How I Tried To Bolster Up My Hope By Searching For Others Who Believe In It

VII. The Growth of Public Opinion in the Direction of the Conquest of Death

VIII. Every Hope is the Sure Prophecy of its Own Fulfilment

IX. The Endless Creativeness of the Human Intelligence

X. All Growth is a Revolt Against the Claims of the So-Called Law of Gravitation

XI.The One Mighty Factor In Race Growth Is Thought

XII. Man Has No Fetters But Those of His Own Ignorance: And Nothing But His Own Intelligence Will Liberate Him From Them

XIII. Desire The Organising Principle

XIV. Beliefs: Both Fixed and Unfixed

XV. The Law of Attraction

XVI. The Ego

XVII. Endless Progression: Its Retardation By Fear

XVIII. Man's Poewr To Speak The Creative Word: Evolution of the Ideal

XIX. Health and Strength and Beauty and Oplence Are To Be Found in Greater Fulness in This New and Wonderful Thought Than in Anything Else in the World


To Think in the old ruts is to remain in the old condition.
To think expansively is to grow endlessly in the direction of freedom and happiness.

The strangers of the title of this work, "The Conquest of Death," will doubtless prompt some, into whose hands it may chance to fall, to lay it down without reading; for the conquest of death, they say, is impossible. Yet who knows if it be so or not? The Author of this work has discovered that the conquest of death is altogether within the law, and has sought herein to give some reasons for her belief, hwich she knows to be worthy of the highest consideration of all the people. --THE AUTHOR

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