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Truth and health

Science of the Perfect Mind and the Law of its Expression

Originally Published: 1905

The Colorodo College of Divine Science. Denver

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The Bible Teachings About Healing

Part 1 - A Beginners Course

Lesson I. Answers to Some Objections

Lesson II. Revelation

Lesson III. God

Lesson IV. God and Man

Lesson V. The Work of Thought

Lesson VI. Our Judgement Day

Lesson VII. Prayer

Lesson VIII. Unfoldment

Lesson IX. Health

Lesson X. A Month's Daily Lessons

Divine Science Statement of Being


Summery of Science Teachings


The Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth, forever proclaims its presence by the utterance of "Peace on earth, good will to men." This proclamation of Perfect Love presages the healing of every ill, here and now. The peace it declares is for earth, not heaven; the "good will" is for men, not angels. The fact that we have felt unrestful, and that a will contrary to good seems to possess us, proves blindness to that Presence and deafness to the "Voice" that is ever speaking "Lo, I am with you always." In response to the ever-increasing interest in the things of Spirit, this volume is sent forth, that the strength of its message may add to the mighty chorus of Truth now sounding throughout our lands in acknowledgment of the Infinite Love that fills and rules the world. To do justice to the subject presented in this book, old or new students must study it systematically, and consider its teachings earnestly, without prejudice. If we take to a book thoughts filled with preconceived and obdurate opinions, we shall bear away but little. When giving our consideration to a new subject or to a new presentation of an old subject, an unbiased judgment is but fair. Truth may be tested; and demonstration of Truth is its best endorsement. ' ' He that doeth the will shall know of the doctrine. ' '

Intelligent faith is supplanting blind belief. "When that which is perfect is come, that which was in part shall be done away." The faith that has been merely belief and hope is being "done away" in a better understanding that is bringing conscious fulfillment of every hope. This is the faith that ' * removes mountains ' ' and "heals the sick." Truth is changeless; only opinions of Truth change. Perfect Science is exact ^knowledge of Truth and, to deserve the name, must be as exact as is the Changeless Truth. Its conclusions are not drawn from appearances that are not yet understood, nor from beliefs that may change tomorrow. Its basis is the Changeless and Eternal. We are learning now to say "I know," instead of "I believe." This is a step in spiritual unfoldment bespoken by Jesus : "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. This is life eternal, to know G-od and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent." The same consummation was foreseen by the prophets, who declared, ' ' The knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." The deplorable condition of God's people pending this state of understanding is pictured in other words of the prophet, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" * Our faith must be logical to be scientific, and must be scientific to be intelligent and reasonable.

Written as well as oral lessons upon such a theme as this must be presented in a way that shall meet the needs of all. One desires to hear only Bible proofs ; another, who reads or hears the same lesson, does not care for what the Bible says. Both of these have a right to be regarded, and Truth can satisfy both. The metaphysical teachings of the Science ap- peal to those willing to hear Law and Order re- vealed, as based upon the One Perfect Mind. The spiritual teachings appeal to those who love the Fatherhood of God. But so closely linked are the Spiritual and the Metaphysical, so united are Religion and Science, that those who are drawn by the appeal of Science find themselves "religious" in the truest sense, and those who think they want only the religious, develop into scientific thinkers. At the close of classes, students have come with new Bibles, eager to show them and to say, "I have never before cared to own a Bible, but now I wish to study it from cover to cover."

* (Read in Selected Bible Readings, "The Value of Knowledge," p. 22, and "Understanding," p. 24. Students of these lessons should have that little book, as many references to it will be given.)

The first half of this hook gives a very simple study and a Summary of Divine Science teachings. The Summary gives, in concise form, the im- portant teachings of the Science. The second part of the hook is explained in its preface. Do not read these lessons too rapidly. Be cer- tain of understanding and practicing each one be- fore reading the next. One lesson carefully studied each day, or even alternate days, is sufficient for beginners. Learn the practical statements given at the close of the chapters. In the arrangement of this book, the suggestion of a young friend is followed. Hearing a speaker tell of the difficulties of satisfying an audience varied in its consciousness, the young man replied : "I should think you would begin with the simplest and rise gradually to the highest, so giving some- thing to help each." This is valuable advice, and represents the true plan for any book that is to be of universal service. May each be able to receive that which nour- ishes him, and thus "grow" or unfold from and in Eternal Consciousness until he comprehends the Whole.

"That speaking the truth in love, we may grow up into him in all things."

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