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An inspirational video with a powerful spiritual message that embraces new thought and mind science principles. This meditative and affirmative prayer expresses and honors the Divine Presence of God and the realization of that Divine presence within ourselves

There is One force, One presence and One force in the universe, and that presence is God. Everything that exists around us is an expression of this one divine and splendid Spirit. The presence of Spirit is in everything around us; the trees and the flowers and the grasses, and the stones are all the very presence of God. God is the force that moves the water in the flowing stream in perfect and divine order and time. God is the creation of all life and the beautiful mosaic of existance that connects All that Is. We all have a place in this Holy system. God is the very essence of our spirit and our life. The force in back of our existance is the same force that created the earth and the stars and all life. Our life is Holy. God expresses through all life and through all people all the time...

The good of Spirit flows to us from every possible direction and source. There is an opulent supply for our every need, our every want and our every desire. God flows to us in the form of money, in the form of time, and in love, committment and energy. We have all we could want and can turn our back to anything that looks like a condition of lack or poverty. The presence of Spirit--which is our very presence--attracts to us all that we ever desire. The presence of God is not a lonely presence but an absolutely fulfilled presence. God surrounds each of us with divine companionship...

The God presence is the Joy and the opulence that is the fulfilled expression of each of us. The presence of God continues to bring us to the exact companions, work and opulant lifestyle that will draw us to know God every more fully, every more completely and every more wholely, drawing us every closes to the presence of Spirit which is our own presence--which is that sacred return home.

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