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Nona Lovell Brooks

(March 22, 1861 - March 14, 1945)

New Thought Author Nona L. Brooks

About New Thought Author Nona Lovell Brooks

Nona Lovell Brooks , described as a "prophet of modern mystical Christianity", was a leader in the New Thought movement and a co-founder of the Church of Divine Science.

In 1902, Brooks founded Fulfillment, a Divine Science periodical. During this period, she also served on several Denver civic boards, including the Colorado State Prison Board.

After World War I Brooks succeeded her sister Fannie James as head of the College and in 1922 Brooks aligned the growing Church of Divine Science with the International New Thought Alliance. Nona was described by many who knew her as warm, gentle, and "motherly", but with "a strength that came from conviction".

Remember always that the senses give us only a partial report of the true state of anything. Let us look with the eye of Spirit, the single eye, and our bodies shall be full of light.

Published writings by Nona Lovell Brooks:


Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ

Divine Science periodicals

Divine Science Federation International (an Affiliation of Divine Science Ministries)

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