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Quotes by A.K. Mozumdar

New Thought Author Akhoy Kumar - AK Mozumdar


“Convince yourself that you have the ability to do a certain thing, and you will have the ability." - A.K. Mozumdar

“We always create a thing or a condition by the imagination. Anything that needs to be created, or is created is not real and self-existent. It does not exist in the absolute sense. Because a thing which has a beginning must have an end. A created thing has its beginning, therefore it cannot be permanent and real.” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Life And The Way (1911)

“In your mad rush after things you forget that that which is yours by your divine right no one cat take away from you. Your very trust and peaceful attitude bring your mind in tune with Nature's scheme of life, and you receive that which belong to you by law of correspondence. ” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Mystery Of The Kingdom (1919)

“ Any idea that gets hold of your mind will grow and exert a certain influence over your mind and body. If you are skeptical, give your mind a reason for the acceptance of a certain belief, and it will accept that belief. ” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Commanding Life (1933)

“Any condition that you believe or mentally accept with regard to your body, and that you continue to entertain, becomes a reality to you, and brings about a certain change in your body.” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Commanding Life (1933)

“What is the difference between imagination and reality? The difference is this--one is the means and the other is the end. Your imagination becomes a reality to your consciousness. That which you become conscious of, comes to exist to you.” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Trimphant Spirit (1943)

“Whatever you imagine God as doing for your life, the same He does through your mental acceptance and belief. That which you imagine with a positive assurance becomes a reality to you and governs and regulates your life. ” -- A.K. Mozumdar - The Trimphant Spirit (1943)

“In treating or helping others, vision the positive picture of them. Remember that your mental attitude of picture of others in transmitted to them whenn they are receptive.” -- A.K. Mozumdar - Today And Tomorrow (1945)

“ God is the greatest Architect in this universe. Look at the vast cosmos; what wonderful architecture this is! Billions of suns and trillions of planets and satellites are all moving in orderly precision. Do not tell me that they are accidental chemical products and that they are moving by their own chemically generated power, yet making no mistakes. And that the orderly intelligence behind them is rerely a superposition and that the monkey-like man in this infinite realm of creation is the only intelligent entity. And that his mathematics and calculations can determine everything. Such an idea can only be entertained by a colossal egotist. ” -- A.K. Mozumdar - Today And Tomorrow (1945)


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