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Quotes by Ursual N. Gestfeld

New Thought Author Ursual N. Gestfeld


“Ascension for the human species depends absolutely upon ascension of ideas; Water rises no higher than its source.” --Ursual N. Gestfeld

“The expression of Spirit is the Spiritual. The expression of Life is the Living. The expression of Love is the Loving. The expression of Intelligence is the Intelligent. The expression of Substance is the Substantial." --Ursula N. Gestfeld, The Builder And The Plan: A textbook of the science of Being (1901)

“The Science of Being shows Heaven and Hell to be conditions, not localities, as the latter term is usually understood. Locality is, in reality, but condiiton externalized; the subjective made objective...Heaven is that happiness which is consciousness of Harmony. Hell is simply the opposite condition; consciousness of Discord..." --Ursula N. Gestfeld, Ursula N. Gestefeld's statement of Christian science (1888)

“Stop thinking of your miseries. You are dwelling in a graveyard because you live continually in the past. You are thinking all the time of what you have had, when you should be thinking of what you may become. Get out from among the tombs and live in the sunlight of inherent possibility" --Ursula N. Gestfeld, How To Control Circumstances (1901)

“Remember....that the Natural World is representative of the Spiritual Real; that the overruling Law of Cause and Effect works uninterruptedly from First Cause all the way down to what we call the physical world, this fact, that fruit will be according to graft, and that the stock nourishes the graft, and brings it to the fruit-bearing stage, is of great practical value." -Ursual N. Gestfeld (Lectures 5-8) --Ursula N. Gestfeld, How We Master Our Fate (1897)

“Because of what I am in my real being, I, as a human soul, am greater than my parts. Even though the impulses of lesser natures are in me and make their voices heard, I am not bound to obey them. I have power to rule them." -Ursual N. Gestfeld (Lectures 5-8) --Ursula N. Gestfeld, Breath of Life: A Series of Self Treatments (1897)


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