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Thomson Jay Hudson

(February 22, 1834 – 1903)

New Thought Author Thomson Jay Hudson

About New Thought Author Thomson Jay Hudson

Thomson Jay Hudson was an acclaimed psychic researcher. He is best known for his classic work in the mental sciences and mental therapeutics field. He was a forerunner of the modern day giants of science, psychology and theology. Thomas was born in Windham, Ohio, USA. Early in life he worked on his father's farm, all the while studying natural philosophy, chemistry and logic which was far behind the usual educational pursuits of youth during his time. As Hudson got older and began preparing for college, he refused his father's wish for him to become a minister of religion. As a result, Thomas was forced to leave his home and venture out on his own and fund his way to study law at college.

At the age of 23, he started a law practice in Port Huron, Michigan.During the years that he was studying and practicing law, he was active in his pursuits of studying the mind and matter. In 1860, during an oil boom in the Lake Erie area of Canada, Hudson spent a lot of time researching and exploring the oil fields. Thomas J. Hudson used his analytical and inventive mind to even develop a number of devices and processes for working in oil fields which are still in use today. In 1860, Hudson also began a career in journalism up until 1866, the same year he decided to give politics a try. Hudson ran for the US Senate but was unsuccessful. From the 1870's through 1915, Hudson focused much of his attention on investigating into the nature of man, evolution, and the nature of the mind.

From 1877 to 1880, Thomas Hudson he worked as a Washington Corresponent for the Scripps Syndicate. In 1880, he accepted a position in the US Patent Office and was later prooted to Principal Examiner of a Scientific Division. He held the post until the publication of his most popular books The Law of Psychic Pheomena in 1893, which would become a best-selling book, much to his own suprise. Hudson was not concerned with the commercial success of his book, but rather was interested in sparking an intellectual and spiritual awakening in mankind. His desire was that other would become aware of the great evidence of the existence of the power of thought and of the importance of developing a spiritual nature and outlook on life.

Dr. Hudson was a great man with many talents, intellectual pursuits and accomplishments. He had a knack for brining out the very best in all those who had known him. He had a great love for life, logic and Science. During his time, Thomas Jay Hudson stood out because of his sincerity, intellectual honesty, logic, curiousity, and his ability to put his great wisdom into the written word. Thomas Jay Hudson was truly a pioneer in the fields of psychology, philosophy, biology, metaphysics, and even in some areas of chemistry and physics. Many of Hudson's early theories have become proven facts in modern science. He was truly an outstanding man who was ahead of his time.

Hudson's three laws:

Man has two minds: the objective mind (conscious) and the subjective mind (subconscious). The subjective mind is constantly amenable to control by suggestion. The subjective mind is incapable of inductive reasoning.

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