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Happiness And Marriage  (1904)

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"Individual freedom is the only basis for harmonious action;
not only in marriage but in all other relationships of life."--Elizabeth Towne

Elizabeth Towne was one of the most important figures in the New Thought movement. In this book she gives the reader her views of how to have a happy marriage and the secrets for attaining a harmonious relationship with your husband or wife. This books is a gem filled with insights and new thought wisdom that any one looking to get married, or stay married will appreciate.

Considered one of the best New Thought books on the subject of marriage and relationships; after reading it you will have a completely new outlook on all of your relationships whether it is with your husband, wife, children, friends or relatives. The points expressed by the author concerning the Law of Attraction and Inner Power are just as valid today as they were when the book was first published. THis book will changes your relationships positively forever.

Your business in life is to LOVE, not to be loved. The latter is a secondary matter and the first is the thing that brings happiness to you. Go in to win now, and you can develop within yourself the full Life that you really desire. All you desire is yours and you will realize it in due time. But every moment you set your thought on straightening out Some Other body's life you are delaying your own realization and happiness...

Can you learn from the experiences of others--learn caution at least? I hope so. Be sure you are right before you resort to separation. In the meantime make it the aspiration and business of your life to know that ALL things are NOW working for good to you and your mate, and all you hold in common... If two people are distinctly enough individualized; that is, if they understand and command themselves sufficiently; their attraction and marriage will bring to them only pleasure. If they are not distinctly enough individualized there will be a monkey-and-parrot experience whilst they are working out thewisdom for which they were attracted.

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