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How I Used The Truth  (1939)

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"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things."--Harriett Emilie Cady

Not just another guidebook on the power of prayer, Lessons in Truth helps readers make significant changes in their lives by better understanding and putting into practice the power of their own thoughts, beliefs, and even the words they speak. Cady uses 12 lessons – including instruction on faith, affirmations, and unity of the spirit – the guide readers toward a metaphysical and practical approach to Christianity. Lessons in Truth potentially can benefit anyone seeking unity and truth, no matter his religious affiliation.

Chapter 1. Why?; Chapter 2. Finding The Christ in Ourselves; Chapter 3. Neither Do I Condemn Thee; Chapter 4. In His Name; Chapter 5. Loose Him and Let Go; Chapter 6. All-Sufficiency in All Things; Chapter 7. God's Hand; Chapter 8. If Thou Knewest; Chapter 9. Trusting and Resting; Chapter 10. The Spoken Word; Chapter 11. Oneness With God; Chapter 12. Unadulterated Truth.

Harriett Emilie Cady was a true holistic pioneer. As one of the first doctors of homeopathic medicine in New York City, this home-spun practitioner and metaphysician treated her patients medically and spiritually. Her unique approach was simple, clear and deeply rooted in her own experience. While Cady studied with renowned "New Thought" teachers of the day, she remained an unwaveringly spiritual independent. In this inspired volume, first published in 1916, she demonstrates that one's life can be transformed by the power of thoughts and beliefs, while encouraging readers to find truth as it is written in one's own heart and to apply these truths in every area of life.

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<< New Thought Authors >> Harriett Emilie Cady

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