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How To Let God Heal You  (1952)

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"Sometimes we pray to a God outside of ourselves. It is the God in the midst of us that frees and heals." -- Myrtle Fillmore

How to Let God Help You is a spiritual classic in New Thought literature; it still speaks to and inspires today's modern readers. This book is composed of selected portions of Myrtle Fillmore's most inspirational writings, published articles, and lectures. Mrs. Fillmore's ideas spring from her realizations of Truth: God is always available to help with your every need, and through the self-development and righteous use of your God-given abilities, you will be able toexpress your unlimited divine potential as a child of God. Myrtle Fillmore dishes out metaphysical advice as we can imagine our mothers would--with grace; occasional gentle humor; and, always, no-nonsense maternal wisdom.

Unity readers and students everywhere the inspired thoughts of Myrtle Fillmore. In these writings she talks personally to all who seek the Jesus Christ Truth. She speaks as a friend to each reader. Also, this material is presented as a textbook so that a student may, if he chooses, study systematically the Unity teachings. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were the cofounders of Unity. Today, that which they started in faith is blessing the whole world.

Chapters: 1 My Faith; 2. The Purpose of Living; 3. The New Way; 4.Life Is A School; 5. A Spiritual Science; 6. A Saving Science; 7 Fundamental Propositions; 8. Denial And Affirmation; 9. The Embodiment of Thought; 10. The Mind Receives; 11. The Power of The Word; 12. Meeting The Cloven Hoof; 13 Contentment; 14. The Christ Spirit; 15. The Secret Place of Spirit; 16. The Overcoming of Fear; 17. The Longing of Our Souls; 18. Your Wonderful Body; 91 Spiritual Control; 20. Creature of Habit; 21. The Healthy Channel; 22. No Incurable Condition; 23. Health In The Home; 24. Be Made Whole; 25 Health For The Children; 26. Generation and Regeneration; 27. The Law of Supply; 28. Prosperity In The Home; 29. Parents and Children; 30. Your Living Service; 31 The Gispel of Uses; 32. Justice; 33. Thanksgiving; 34. Christmas; 35. New Year Opportunities; 36. Meditations; 37 Myrtle Fillmore Talks About Her Life.

Truth is that you are God's own beloved child and that God is ever giving you His own wisdom, love, power, life, and substance. In the past we have been led to believe that we are the children of physical parents and that we must get our impressions and education, form our living habits, and even do our work, in the way that they direct. Because of this, we have failed to wake up and find out that we are really God's children and that we have inherited from Him a perfect mind which is capable of unfolding the wonderful Christ qualities, as Jesus Christ unfolded His God-given mind.

LIFE IS A SCHOOL. The Great Schoolmaster knows just what problems we need to keep us alert and to bring out the wonderful qualities that the Father has measured out for us to come up to. That is our purpose in life, to succeed in bringing forth God's perfect idea for the perfect man.

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