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How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Realities  (1922)

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"God is All Knowledge; hidden and revealed. Your subconscious mind is infinite, with the infinity of God. Out of it all ideas, impulses and feelings you need to know will come to you.
There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed."
--Brown Landone

This book provides you with everything you need to know to achieve your vision or ideal life. In just five minutes a day you can become super-efficient. Learn how to change a weak will into a strong will, and how to form an ideal which will come true. During the centuries philosophers have sought the basis of the soul's faith in the great unity of all things. The material and spiritual world are connected as ONE. With such a consciousness of the unity of all things of spirit and matter, the faith becomes stronger and the way is clearer to making our ideals come true.

Every desire is the heart of some ideal. Your desires always co me true. Your wishes seldom do; they die by consuming themselves in forever wishing wishes. A desire with a body or an ideal with a heart always becomes a reality! ...Those who think ideas never attain to greatness. Great men and women always think in ideals. Change your “ideas” to “ideals!” How? By making it a perfect image, adding desire, giving it body substance, and creating in it an irresistible impulse to manifest itself in action...

Attaining that which you desire is easy and certain: (1) if you conceive a clear - cut ideal of what you desire; (2) if you turn the ideal to the particular process that always leads to at taining or obtaining that which you wish; and (3) if you know how to make the reality a part of you or your surroundings. That you may know how to make your ideas and desires become realities, I now take up the process in this section:

To Attain You Desires, All Three Must be Used; How to Form an Ideal that Will Come True; Firing the Heart - Desire of Your Ideal; Giving a Body of Etheric Substance to Your Ideal; Giving Your Ideal the Impulse of Action to Make It Real; The Process that Makes Ideals Come True; The Act of Making the Reality Yours; and Where to Center Your Effort.

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<< New Thought Authors >> Brown Landone

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