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The Mind Cure  (1912)

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"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle." -- Christian D. Larson

A considerable majority of people are becoming more or less addicted to nervousness in one or more of its many forms. Nervousness is one considerable cause of all mental ills; it is also the indirect cause of a great many physical ailments, organic as well as functional. There are very few things that would be more important than finding a method through which health for the nerves could be secured. How to cure this malady has long been a problem. Medicine as a rule avails but only a little, and the various forms of other therapeutic systems reach but a limited number. The discovery of a remedy that could reach all cases, or nearly all cases, would be considered one of the most remarkable discoveries of the age. It can be safely stated that when people learn to keep the nervous system in perfect harmonious order there will be very few cases of insanity, if any, and physical diseases will be reduced at least one half.

There is many a person who is suffering from mental depression simply because the genius within him is trying to force itself out in tangible action, but cannot produce such action on ac- count of the inharmony existing between the objective and the subjective states of mind. When there is a great deal of power within that wants to act, but cannot find an opportunity to act, an unnatural pressure will be produced in various parts of the mentality, and mental depression will usually result. This depression, involving more or less gloom, disappointment and even despair, may continue for years

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We must learn to see all things in our imagination as being made more and more perfect, because to keep 'the mental eye single upon the better side, the strong side and the superior side of everything, is to give the creative forces of mind a superior model; and these forces always create in the exact likeness of the model. When we think constantly of the superior, and keep the mental eye single upon the superior, we therefore create the superior in our own natures.

On the other hand, when we think of the dark side, the weak side, the troubled side, the sick side, and the failing side, we tend to create all those conditions in our nature and in our world; and when we fear we always think of those inferior sides, thereby causing that which we fear to come upon us. When we concentrate our whole attention upon the construction of a superior life, and work with a constantly increasing knowledge of the art of using all our faculties constructively, we shall bring the whole of life into a perfect system

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