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The Radiant I AM  (1900)

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"'If you can redden your face with a thought, you can straighten your crooked bones with a thought.'"--Emma Curtis Hopkins

It is the teaching that all is Spirit, and matter is not obedient shadow-picturing thereof, which is the final subtle message toward me that makes me see that I AM what I AM and alter not. Spirit is the gentle Mother doctrine among the doctrines of the world—gentle but inexorable. She brings to exposure the Man Child, my I AM—who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron. The iron that is strongest is magnetic. It rules in the earth by holding all the particles together. It rules in the sun. It rules in all the spheres. They roll because of the magnet. So all my being has moved because of my I AM...

I AM the power of Mind to my universe. Even the stones shed a message intelligible to all other shapes and names because of my being the intelligence of all things shedding my nature forth without stopping. No foolishness or ignorance shall ever shame anything visible or invisible from this day on forever. Its Presence is its wisdom. Its Presence is its information. An elixir of intelligence is on its stopless march from me at my Center forever through all the reaches of space and formulation...

I AM the power of Heaven to every atom and to every archangel. From my Jesus Christ Center of Being I shed Heaven through the spaces. All things breathe of my radiance. I shed my Self abroad in unending beauty; Heaven breaks in the heart and on the vision from me to all things, through all things. The old heaven and earth sink away into forgotten dreams because I have found my Self, because I know my Self, because I AM my Self. I have taken up the authority I had from before the worlds were spun on the ethers of time...

I decree Heaven and Heaven it is. My will is done on earth and it is all Heaven. My Kingdom is come and it is the new land of delight that steals on the vision and reaches the senses of all things. Nothing like the dreams of earth, nothing like the motions of matter ever reaches my universe. As silently as a moonbeam lights on a mountain, so silently has Heaven stolen on the gazes of all the creations of infinity...

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<< New Thought Authors >> Emma Curtis Hopkins

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