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What Is New Thought?

An extended look at the documentary film "What Is New Thought?"

You were designed in the image of God. Sometimes people don't realize what this truly means. In God's image is imagination. The expanse of this imagination is your imagination too, and you have a right to use this imagination. When you get in touch with the deeper levels of life and yourself you tune into a vibration that's present throughout the universe. You can develop a new spiritual way of thinking.

This movement of consciousness is called 'New Thought', and not many people have even heard of it. People may not even recognize if they are watching or reading something about new thought. In essence, new thought may permeate almost everything and so it is compatibile with almost anything and everything. Although it's called "new thought", it's been around for a very long time. It's a process of remembering what we already know. It's all about our thoughts creating our lives and our being One with God. There is nothing really new about it, except one could say it is a new presentation of an ancient concept. It may be known by other names by many different people in different parts of the world--or by no name at all.

New thought is about mind and heart power, and about spirituality. It's also about being one with the Divine and raising your thoughts from a human egocentric consciousnes to a Divine Consciousness. In this expanded awareness comes a new intuition and insight, and a new imagination; your life awakens with new contexts, new meanings and new stories. Our belief is to give and to encourage a person to be the best that they can be; to be a person of love, harmony, peace and support, and believing in the goodness of humanity. There is a whole philosophical point of view and there There have been saints and sages, and mystics and prophets throughout history who have shared these wisdom teachings. There are living masters and other amazing souls on the planet today who are carrying the light of this wisdom forward.

New thought is a wonderful and rich tradition that extends to the first century of Christianity---possible even further back that that. It was shaped by the energies that occurred within the 20th century of American history when the transcendentalist movement merged with the "Mind Cure movement", and the heart of Christianity and its similar teachings. These three circles of thought mixed in a unique way in the 1800's and gave birth to the New Thought movement which also includes Religious Science and Unity, Centers of Spiritual Living and many other groups. But behind it all there is a backdrop of universal spiritual principles and truths; it also contains the ancient wisdom that we find in the philosophies of Hermes and Plato and the Greek Mythologies; also, in the wisdom of Taoism, and the teachings of Lao Tzu and the Buddha. New Thought is really a mixture of the great wisdom of the ages.

In the 19th century a revolution of conscious swept the world. People became more conscious of the subconscious mind. They were awakening to the power that their thoughts had upon themselves and others, their environment and the world.

In the late 1800's these ideas were being formed by individuals such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and many other writers who embraced the ancient wisdom and universal principles. They began to write about the concepts of the mystical, or transcendental self; they taught that the awakening of the self was not just for the mystics, but for everybody--and that there was a way to get direct contact with it.

"What Is New Thought?" - The Film

"What lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" -Emerson

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby is known as the founder of New Thought. His early interest in the work of Franz Anton Mesmer and his mesmerism principles, inspired Quimby on a quest of truth and self-healing and eventually he became proficient at applying mesmeric hypnotism in his healing work with others. He discovered a powerful new way to heal through the use of hypnosis and mesmerizing to get to the subjective conscious--a level of consiousness that is underneath our conscious thoughts; these healing techniques involved learning how to access the subconscious mind. Quimby would eventually take these concept to a more spiritual level. He later disovered that the foundation of the healing was not in hypnotism, but in people being able to transform the way they thought. He understood that if they changed the way they thought they could change the conditions and circumstances of their life. He taught that it was the mind that was creating one's reality and also, that disease is rooted in a mental cause.

Quimby went on to create a healing science based on these new thoughts. He is given the honor of being the first to bring New Thought to the Western World. He began to question because of his own health whether Jesus meant you could actually heal the self. Many luminaries in the New Thought were associated with Quimby and his work, such as: Ralph Waldo Trine, Mary Baker Eddy, Julius, Anetta and Horatio Dresser, Warren Felt Evans, Charles Brodie Patterson, and many other early new thought writers.

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