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New Thoughts For Creating a New Life - Part 1

Thinking about life changing new thoughts and how to create the reality that you truly want.

Imagine really living the life that that you truly want to live. Just think about how wonderful it would feel to have the life you have always dreamed about. Really think about it and feel it. We've probably all thought about this at one time or another. But don't just fast-forward into the future and 'quick think' about it. Really, really think about it. Envision it 100%. What would it feel like to have the money, the relationships, the career, and the health that you desire? What would you do with your life and how would you spend each of your days?

Many people who ponder these questions often think about how they would like to travel around the world, find their soulmate, start a business, write their life story, change the world and a dozen other things that they imagine would make them happy.

What would you want to do? Once you can really imagine what it would look and feel like to be living the life you truly want, then ask yourself, what you would do or how would you spend your time after that?

Think About What Kind of Life You Want to Live

If you're not sure what you would want to do, or if you can't think of anything that you want that would truly make you happy then consider the following things: What excites you? What were you passionate about as a child and what were your favorite pastimes? As a child, what did you want to be or do when you grew up?

Other things to consider are: What is your purpose or mission for being here on earth? If you only had a few years left to live then what would you do with your time? What would you want people to remember about you and your life? Think about your creative talents and gifts, your hobbies and interests, including your favorite subjects to think about, read about or watch on television. Are there things that you've always wanted to do but never got around to doing? What kinds of things do you daydream about? what are your short and long term goals? What inspires you to wake up each day? what would you want to do with your life if you knew you could not fail?

All of these things and the answers to the previous questions can give you an idea of what you might want to do with your life, and maybe even what your purpose is. Really think about the life that you want and at the same time, remember not to worry too much about 'how' it will happen. You must erase any negative thinking you might have--like not believing that it is possible to have the life you truly want. Even if you can't have it all, or have it exactly the way you want it down to the very last detail, doesn't mean that you can't have the life that you want and be happy while living it.

Allow Yourself To Daydream About Your Ideal Life

Don't think about how you will get to the outcome. just think about the outcome and take your time while doing it. Really think and feel about how wonderful it 'could' be. Make the visuals so vivid and engage all of your physical senses in the process. Really allow yourself to get 'carried away', losing track of time, until it feels like you're actually there already living the life that you want right now. Keep building up these thoughts and emotions, and daydream about this as much as you want! (but never while operating heavy machinery.)

Allow whatever worries you may have in your life to gently fall away, and forget about your problems for awhile. Really concentrate and don't allow anything to distract you. Live your vision inside your mind like it's actually happening right now. Continue to create this wonderful life scene in your mind and fill it with rich visualizations that represent your ideal life or lifestyle; you will want to do this every single day, because every thought that you add to this daydream will give it more momentum for the manifestation process.

New Thoughts For Creating The New Life You Really Want - Part 2

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