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The Law of Attraction and New Thought

The Age Old Law of Attraction Principle Re-Manifested in the New Thought Teachings

The Law of Attraction is one powerful principle embraced by New Thought. The natural concept of this universal law originated centuries ago and can even be found in the scriptures of the holy bible and other ancient texts. Jesus, Buddha and many other spiritual and inspirational leaders throughout the times taught the this principle law of attraction, and many modern day business leaders and coaches credit this law as being the foundation for personal self development and success.

Many of the great universal Laws, such as the law of attraction, were kept secret for centuries because of the potential power they held, as well as for religious and political reasons. The principle law of attraction was encoded in many early writings in such a way that only those who had knowledge of metaphysical concepts would be able to understand the true teachings.

During the 19th century the New Thought Movement gained momentum and brought many more related ideas and metaphysical concepts into the mainstream. The law of attraction remain one of the most important principles expressed in new thought teachings and it continues to impact the minds and lives of millions of people around the world.

Law Of Attraction According To New Thought Movement

Two of the most influential writers of the New Thought teachings were James Allen from the U.K and the American writer Wallace Wattles. The new age concept of 'the secret' and its law of attraction principles were greatly influenced by the works of Wallace Wattles and many other early New Thought authors. These authors explained the Universal Law of Attraction in a down to earth and practical way so that everyone could learn and use these laws to benefit their own lives for the better. The film "The Secret" is still one of the best modern-day documentaries about the Law of Attraction which explains the principle in a simplified way. The inner workings of this principle are expressed much more in-depth in the early new thought writings.

The Law of Attraction according to the New Thought Movement belief explains that right and positive thinking will result in powerful healing and can manifest miracles in one's life. The external reality that is observed in one's personal life is the effect of one's internal world of thoughts. Thoughts help to create the reality that is experienced and if one wishes to change something in their life they must change their thoughts and attitude. If one develops the right thinking and attitudes (and takes the right actions) then the Law of Attraction operates in one's favor.

Thoughts can be used as powerful tools to help create the ideal life. The Law is what is operating behind the scenes. All thinking originates from the mind and thoughts will be sent out into the Universe to be manifested into physical form in one's reality. This whole process is known simply as 'manifestation'.

New Thought Writings On Law Of Attraction

Once this 'secret' is discovered and understood one can begin using it immediately and persistance and faith will bring results the seem almost magical. The Law of Attraction is not any more magical or wonderous that the Law of Gravity or any other physical law. The only difference is that the Law of Attraction is a Spiritual Law, and just like the physical laws, they are operating all of the time for everyone, everywhere, and no matter what you 'think' about it, the Law of Attraction will always be a reflected manifestation of your thoughts.

The most influential New Thought writing on the Law of Attraction is a book titles "As A Man Thinketh, written by James Allen and published in 1902. Anyone who is serious about learning and using the secret Law of Attraction can start with this book and benefit from its teachings almost immediately.

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