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Quotes by Charles B. Patterson

New Thought Author Charles B. Patterson


“Some time we shall all come to know that every phase of life, whether we call it good or evil, has been an inner effort for outer expression. Everything that we call good is really an uninterrupted flow of life and intelligence from the center to the curcumference of man's being. All that we call evil is this same life-energy that, in its outflow, meets with opposition.” - Charles B. Patterson In The Sunlight Of Health (1913)

“The human body contains every instrument that is to be found in any great orchestra, but how few of us have learned to play, as it should be played, even on instrument of the many that we have in our possession. How few of us produce rhythm, melody, and harmoney in every-day life!” - Charles B. Patterson The Rhythm Of Life (1915)

“When the feeling of love enters the life, the false feeling of hate must go out; when the thought of law and order enters the mind, unlawfulness and disorder can have no place.” - Charles B. Patterson The Will To Be Well (1901)

“Nature yields her secrest to those only who are in love with her.” - Charles B. Patterson


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