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Quotes by Horatio W. Dresser

New Thought Author Horatio W. Dresser

( 1866 - 1954)

“Any individual can be, in time, what he earnestlyy desires to be, if he but set his face steadfastly in the direction of that one thing and bring all his powers to bear upon its attainment.” - -Horatio W. Dresser

“Death is probably an instantaneous healing for many people, or rather the process of coming to judgment which follows it when there is no longer any way to hide from oneself. ” --Horatio W. Dresser, Spiritual Health And Healing (1922)

“Any man who tries to serve both God and mammon will be like a kingdom divided against itself and brought to desolation, hence we may know the signs of righteousness.” --Horatio W. Dresser, The Physician To The Soul (1908)

“The Master does not turn into by-paths of endless discussion by contrasting the real with the unreal and developing a metaphysics founded on this contrast. he leaves this for those who care more for mere theory. always he brings to man the condition, 'If thou wilt enter into life,' then do thus and so. The rest is death and need not to be considered.” --Horatio W. Dresser, Living By The Spirit (1900)


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