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Quotes by Joseph Murphy

New Thought Author Joseph Murphy

(1898 - 1981)

“The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.” - -Joseph Murphy

“Never criticize money by saying, "It is filthy lucre; it is bad; it is tainted." You cannot attract what you criticize. When you begin to think things through, you will realize that real wealth depends on the circulation of wonderful ideas in your mind which well up from the subconscious levels. ” --Joseph Murphy, The Miracles Of Your Mind (1953)

“There is that within us which enables us to tune in to the 'frequency' of Infinite Life, Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom. As we turn to this Presence in reverence and veneration, every need will be supplies, every desire fulfilled in Divine order, and all our ways will be ways of pleasantness and paths of peace.” --Joseph Murphy, The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power Of The Universe (1974)

“The adversary is not really something outside yourself. The adversaries are fear, superstition, ignorance, resentment, jealousy, hate, self-condemnation and hostility. These negative thoughts are your real enemies, and they generate destructive, negative emotions which lodge in the recesses of your deeper mind, creating all manner of disease, lack and limitation. Meet them boldly in your mind and eradicate them. Ask yourself: Where did these thoughts come from? Do they belong in my mind? Is there a principle behind them? What are they doing to me? Are they not created by myself? You know the answer to all of these questions.” --Joseph Murphy, These Truths Can Change Your Life (1982)

“Love what you are doing now, and do the best you can where you are. Be cordial, kind, affable, and full of goodwill. Think big and think of riches, and your present work will simply be a stepping stone to your triumph.” --Joseph Murphy, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich (1966)

“When you pray, it is a romance with God or your Good. Your desire, when realized, brings you joy and peace. In order to realize the desire of your heart, which is depicted in The Song of Solomon as your beloved, you must woo it; let that desire of your captivate, hold, and thrill you. Let it fire your imagination. You will always move in the direction of the desire which dominates your mind. ” --Joseph Murphy, The Magic Of Faith (1954)


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