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Quotes by Malinda Cramer

New Thought Author Malinda Cramer
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(February 12, 1844-August 2, 1906)

“To have knowledge of God and truth, and have faith in and love for Him of whom we have knowledge, is to be healed and to have power to heal” - Malinda Cramer Lessons In Science of Infinite Spirit (1890)

“The true idea of a future is to be found in the eternity of the present. As the Life or Being, that now is, is eternal, we are now in Life or Being, whatever we shall ever be” - Malinda Cramer Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth (1917)

“One of the fundamental truth of the Science of Spirit is, that all thought that is not in harmony with the omnipresent Spirit, is negation of it, and is the cause for inharmonious sensation." - Malinda Cramer Lessons In Science of Infinite Spirit (1890)

“Our bodily condition is the result of our way of thinking and believing. If we wish to change the condition from weakness to strength, from disease to health, from pain to ease, we must believe that the desired change is taking place; then shall we find relief according to the intesity and sincerity of our thought. Our inward thoughts tgive form to our feelings, so we seem to ourselves to be the conditions we externalize." - Malinda Cramer Divine Science And Healing (1902)

“Prayer and faith go hand in hand. If we pray for health, happiness, or to have any condition removed we should have faith that the freedom hoped for is, and is for us to sense; thus faith is the substance of what is prayed for." - Malinda Cramer Divine Science And Healing (1902)

“If physicians have said that your case was incurable; if they have exhausted their skill upon you, and said there is no help for you, remember that their skill was in administering external remedies, and in performing operations. "In vain shalt though use many medicines, for though shalt not be cured." Their skill is not that of bearing fruit of the spirit of Truth, and creating anew, which is the only true health there is; healing, is producing results direct from Spirit, or Principle. Take no thought of what your friends have said about you case. Let your determination succedd be a matter wholly between you and God. God never pronounces against any one, and will not say that your case is incurable or hopeless. He has no method but the one of perfection. He says: "Be whole"; Thy faith hath made thee, whole"; "Thou art loosed form thine infirmities."- Malinda Cramer Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth (1917)


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