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New Thought Information - About This Site

This website contains a collection of various new thought/higher thought teachings from influential early new thought authors. Topics are related to ancient wisdom teachings, divine science, esoteric christianity, eastern mysticism, mental and spiritual principles, self development/self help, positive psychology and more. This New Thought directory contains links to free ebook formats of the writings and audiobook versions on video if available.

What is New Thought?


New Thought, sometimes known as Higher Thought, (not to be confused with 'new age') is a spiritual and philosophical movement based on religious and metaphysical ideas and concepts.

The New Thought Movement mainly originated in the United States in the 19th century, but despite its name, New Thought, is not new; New Thought's ideas, principles and core teachings have ancient roots. This ancient wisdom can be found in the heart of almost all religious and spiritual traditions throughout the world.

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New Thought Insights..

The Game of Life and How to Play It
Florence Scovel Shinn
(Published 1925)

The world can be chaotic at times and we all wish that life would have come with an instruction manual ..The law of prosperity, the power of the word, the law of nonresistance, the laws of karma and forgiveness, impressing the subconscious mind, love, intuition and your inner guidance..[more]

Just Be Glad
By Christian D Larson
(Published 1917)

The greatest good is happiness.. heaven is here and now. Just be glad and your fate will change; a new life will begin and a new future will dawn for you. All things that are good and desirable will begin to come into your world in greater measure, and you will be en- riched far beyond your expectations, both from the without and from the within...

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Free New Thought E-books

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science - Thomas Troward (1904)

Your Forces and How To Use Them - Prentice Mulford (1907)

Breath of Life: A Series of Self Treatments - Ursula N. Gestefeld

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