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Alfred G. Moses


New Thought Author Rabbi Alfred G. Moses

About New Thought Author Alfred Geiger Moses

Rabbi Alfred Geiger Moses was born at Livingston, Ala. Son of the renown Rabbi Adolph Moses and Emma Isaacs. In 1916 Alfred Moses, together with Rabbi Morris Lichenstein, and his wife Tehilla Lichtenstein established The Society of Jewish Science in response to the growing influence of Christian Science and the New Thought Movement. This Judaic spiritual movement is comparable with the New Thought Movement but is mainly an interpretation of Jewish philosophy. The movement was institutionalized in 1922 with Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein's founding of the Society of Jewish Science.

Jewish Science views God as an Energy or Force penetrating the reality of the universe. Rather than the paternal God figure encountered in the Hebrew tradition, God is viewed as the source of all Reality and not separate from but part of the world and Right thinking has a healing effect.

Jewish Science shares several principle beliefs with Christian Science and the New Thought; It emphasizes the role of affirmative prayer, "divine healing" and "Right thinking" as self help methods essential to a Jew's physical and spiritual health, but does not rule out the importance of medical intervention - unlike Christian Science. Jewish Science also incorporates psychology, and concepts about practical spirituality similar to beliefs that were developed in the New Thought movement. It also mimized the role of both ritual and social action and emphasizes the power of "auto-suggestion" and the efficacy of devotional activity. Characteristically American in its optimism and belief in the power of the individual, Jewish Science holds out the possibility that if people only had the right attitude, they could solve their problems.

Alfred Moses used the techniques and aims of Christian Science, applied pyshcology, and New Thought to raise the awareness of God's presence. He also urged the incorporation of the more personal goals of health, happiness, and success into Reform’s ideological understanding of ethical monotheism.

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