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Quotes by Alfred Moses

New Thought Author Alfred G. Moses


“True religion..lies in the love of God with faith and belief in the efficacy of prayer.” -- Alfred Moses

“..For Jewish Science is not of to-day nor of yesterday, but it is an eternal principle of the Jewish soul. It is part and parcel of the God-consciousness which forms the very essence of the Jewish faith.” -- Alfred Moses, Jewish Science: Divine Healing In Judaism (1916)

“Sin represents the Abnormal Ethical State. Sickness corresponds to the Abnormal Bodily Condition. Sin and Sickness are neither natural nor God-given.” -- Alfred Moses, Jewish Science: Divine Healing In Judaism (1916)

“'But above all let the memory of the Master himself be to them a melody and a blessing: he whose life taught me to understand that the greatest man is not he who dwells in the purple, amid palaces and courtiers, hedged and guarded, and magnified by illusive pomp, but he who, talking cheerfully with his fellows in the marketplace, humble as though he were unworshipped, and poor as though he were unregarded, is divinely enkindled, so that a light shines from him whereby men recognize the visible presence of God.'” -- Alfred Moses (referencing a quote by Israel Zangwill, Dreamers of the Ghetto, 1898) in Jewish Science: Divine Healing In Judaism (1916)

“Religion is a finite effort to attain the Divine and Infinite Perfection. Religion therefore aims, first of all, at a purely ethical purpose. In this sense, all religious customs, ceremonies, forms and symbols are only the means for the moral betterment of humanity.” -- Alfred Moses, Jewish Science: Divine Healing In Judaism (1916)


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