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Center for Spiritual Living - What Is Enlightenment?

From the Agape Center For Spiritual Living, Plano, Texas, Reverand Lee Wolak discusses "What is Enlightenment?" from his How To Reach Enlightenment series. He also talks about the shifting in consciousness from the ego centered life to a life of full conscious awareness.

'All You Are--You Are Today

In this moment the possibility, the probablity; the idea, and the state of being that we are all seeking--which is that enlightened state--exists right in this moment. It is not something that is in the future and it's not in the past; it's not in meeting a person, or doing a particular spiritual practice, but it is a state of being that exists right now--it has always been right now, it will always be right now; it can never be any place but now. So what does it mean? This has been the question that has been coming from humanity for centuries--what is enlightenment? What does it mean to see the light? What does it mean to be the light?

Sometimes we say our prayers are not being answered, but an enlightened person knows that there is a power and a presence that is everywhere all the time. They know that they are going to be really clear about giving this power and presence what it is they want. When we are not getting what we want, or not getting what we have chosen, affirmed or prayed for, then it's because we are not clear enough. When we are so clear that there is no doubt about what it is we want, and we go into that state of meditative bliss where we're are in that Oneness--it happens. It will happen every time 100% guaranteed.

Often many people in this New Thought Movement fall away because they don't want to take the personal responsibility for this--or, they don't think they can do it. But none of us would be here if we weren't 'the image and likeness of God', because God is All There Is. In Being that image, all the power that It Is, is with you. All you have to do is make a decision to choose it, to create it, and to live it. It's that simple.


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