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The Truth About New Thought

In this lecture, Dr. Harry Morgan Moses teaches us how to live The Heaven Experience.

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses is a nationally recognized author and motivational speaker. His message empowers people to achieve greater emotional health, wealth, success and creativity by showing how a simply shift in attitude can help to establish genuine fullfilment in life. For more than 20 years, he has studies the world's great philosophers and brings with him an extensive knowledge of the practical application of right attitude and living in order to promote personal and professional success.

Dr. Moses is also the founder of the New Thought Center in San Diego, California, Co-founder of the affiliated New Thought Network, founder of Center for Spiritual Living, Portland, Orgeon, and spiritual director of Spiritworks Center for Spiritual Living, Burbank, California. He has served as a Senior Advisor of the Emerson Institute and is the senior advisor to the Association of Global New Thought. He also served as Vice President and Director for Community Development of new Thought Broadcasting--a spiritual television and radio network. He is actively engaged in bringing organizations together in the community that comprises the rich tapestry of New Thought.


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