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Science of Mind Archive Presentation - The Evolving Consciousness of Humanity

Humanity's Evolving Consciousness: What's Next? - Rev. Mark Gilbert - Sept 25, 2012

Centers for Spiritual Living minister Mark Gilbert looks through 60 years of archived articles from the pages of Science of Mind magazine, on the topic of consciousness and evolution. The purpose of the quest is to see if they offer any trends that may give us a clue as to where the evolution of human consciousness may be headed. Some of the ideas and concepts presented are from Ernest Holmes, Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Spiral Dynamics and more.

What is mankinds potential destiny?

In early human history humanities thought were focused on basic survival needs. But then we started living in societies which allowed us to think in more cooperative ways. The world is bigger than we think it is. As we evolve in our awareness we develop a more expanded view of ourselves, each other, and the universe.

Evolution itself evolves. We have an impulse within us to grow and evolve. There is something that pushes us forward in our lives. Where is the evolution of consciousness headed?


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