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New Thoughts For Creating a New Life - Part 3

Life changing new thoughts and how to Live Your Ideal Life

You have an 'outer you' and an 'inner you'. The outer you is what and who the world thinks that you are; the inner you is what and who you think you are. Your thoughts direct the course of your life and your desires will pave the way for your ideal reality to be manifested; not the thoughts or desires of other people, but of course you can keep their opinions in mind. : )
Don't create a selfish life. : (

Your inner self will tell you when it is time for the next journey in your life and your intuition will guide you on your path as well. Faith in a higher power and universal force is essential because this is the power that is operating behind the scenes and making it all come together for you. If you don't believe it is possible to truly have the life that you want then you are missing a very important ingredient in your thought manifestation recipe. If you want to prepare the meal of your choice then you must use the proper ingredients or you will end up living a life that you don't want.

Think About What You Want Instead of What You Don't Want

Forming a habit of thinking about all of the things you don't like and want in your life, is one way to guarantee that you will keep experiencing life in the same old way that you always have; by doing this you will find yourself slowly but surely drifting further away from the life that you truly want and deserve. If you're not where you want to be in your life then decide that now is the time for you to start changing your mind.

Thank the Universe and the inner you--your Core Being--and begin to focus on what you want in your life. In the meantime of course, you still have to deal with the patterns of your current life which consist of the old patterns from the old thoughts that you fell into the habit of thinking. It will take time to form these new thought habits but it will be worth it. Just know that your new life is right around the corner. This is something to be excited about and its a great thing to think about whenever you find yourself in the midst of a negative situation; you can always remember that this too shall pass and it will! As long as you continue to make your new thoughts your new habits you will eventually become what you think about and begin to experience what you want instead of what you don't want. Out with the old and in with the new.

Your New Thoughts Will Manifest Your New Reality

These new thoughts are the key to bringing yourself out of wherever you are in your life and heading in the direction of the life that you really, truly want to have. Remember to practice the deliberate exercise of daydreaming about living the life you would like to have as if you had it right now. Also, be sure to keep yourself in alignment with the thoughts and feelings of what you want. It's as if the Universe will bring to you whatever it is that you are energetically 'putting out there' via your thoughts and emotions, attitudes, habits, and actions.

Taking action in life is also extremely important. You can't just wish your way into a new life automatically overnight. You must meet the Universe half way. God helps those who help themselves. So don't forget to start making some positive physical changes in your life, at home, and out there in the world. As your new thoughts start to gain momentum you will be surpised at all the opportunities that may begin to pop up out of nowhere. When you act upon these opportunities then you will be one step closer to living the life of your dreams. Your new thoughts will start to bring the right people, situations, and opportunities into your life as your thoughts begin to manifest your new reality.

If you are unhappy in your current life and you know what it is that you really, truly want then what have you got to lose by believing that all of this is possible? Just think, think, think, feel, feel, feel, visualize, visualize, visualize, and be careful what you wish for because this is more real than you could ever imagine.

Your New Life Is Just A Few Thoughts Away

At least give yourself some time each day to live as if you already living the life that you see and want for yourself. Just because what you want hasn't manifested exactly as you wanted it or as quickly as you would like, doesn't mean that it is on its way. Feel how fantastic it would be to be living the life that you want and live it within your mind and heart throughout the day. These thoughts and feelings will bring you what you are focusing on. After you have committed yourself to this process for awhile then start looking for the evidence that these new changes are occurring in your life. If you really look you will see them.

It does take some mental retraining in order to change your mind with these new thoughts, but once things start to gain momentum look out! It can happen a step at a time or it could happen all at once. It all depends on how well you are able to align yourself with what you truly want. New thought creates new change. Now, go go get busy manifesting the life of your dreams and don't give up until you get there!

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