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The Law of Attraction - Part 4 - Two Creations

This is part 4 in my 6-part series of articles on the Law of Attraction. Today I want to show how the Law of Attraction involves two creations - a mental creation and a physical creation.

When you read the Bible and you read about God creating the universe, it talks about how the word was spoken and it came about. When you speak a word you have to think about it first. It exists in your mind first. Therefore the universe and this world were first created in the mind of God before the elements were ever brought together to create this world physically. So a picture or vision of this world, this universe and everything about it was created in the mind of God first. Thus there were two creations - the mental creation and the physical creation.

Can we relate that on the human level? Is that how humans create? We know it is. Anything that was ever created by man was created in his mind first. Look at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was designed and drawn out and completely thought through before they ever began to dig to lay the foundations for that bridge. The same with the Empire State Building. The same with the house you live in. The same with everything that man has created - it was created in the mind first through thoughts. Then it was created physically. There are two creations - the mental creation and the physical creation.

Let's look again at the definition of the Law of Attraction. Many have explained it using the term "Like attracts like." In my reading there is another concept that is very much related to it. It's perhaps another way of saying it with a slightly different slant in meaning. Instead of "Like attracts like" we change it to "Like begets like." What it means is that everything reproduces itself. Are the two ways of saying it the same thing? One talks about attracting something and the other talks about creating something. So really, we could say it as "Like creates like."

When you dwell on something you desire are you attracting it into your life? Does it mean that it already exists and it moves closer to you? Or are you creating it? Are you causing circumstances to rearrange themselves and come about in your life, that relationship, that mood, that type of health that you have, be it good or bad? Was it created? Was it "Like begets like?" If you plant a corn seed, grass doesn't come up, corn does. Nothing you can do is going to change that. That's a law and it's throughout all of nature. It's throughout the universe.

Maybe I can back up a little bit and explain my thoughts or my understanding of what this means. Part of it is the idea that our thoughts are real things and therefore the kind of thoughts that we have, the kind of feelings, emotions, visions and pictures that we have in our mind are what we produce, are what we create.

Let's say you're struggling and your life isn't what you want it to be and you never seem to be able to move forward. You never seem to be able to accomplish what you desire to accomplish in your life and you can't figure out why. You keep going around and around dealing with the same problems over and over. It's very frustrating and very discouraging. You can't understand why other people are able to make things happen in their lives, are able to move forward, progress, have success and joy and you are struggling with the same things you were struggling with ten years ago. Why is that?

It's simply the law that says that what you produce in your mind eventually manifests itself in your physical world. The seeds you are planting in your mind can only produce themselves in reality. The first creation is happening in your mind which eventually will be followed by the second creation - your real world. When you understand this concept you will then understand the power you have to change your world by changing your thoughts!

Later in this series we will delve into the actual application of these ideas so you will know what you need to do on a day-to-day basis. Until then, start now paying attention to your daily thoughts and realize there are two creationsComputer Technology Articles, the mental followed by the physical. That is the source of what is happening in your real world and you can change your real world by changing your thoughts.

Thank you.

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