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Uell Stanley Anderson

(September 14, 1917 – September 24, 1986)

New Thought Author Uell Stanley Anderson

About New Thought Author Uell Stanley Anderson

Uell Stanley Andersen (also known as U.S. Andersen and Uell S. Andersen) was a American self-help and short story author. His non-fiction books describe methods of attaining personal peace, a positive attitude and success in a clear-cut, easy to understand way. He is most known for his book Three Magic Words, which has been linked to the Law of Attraction teachings. The 2010 documentary film The Three Magic Words was also inspired by U.S Anderson's book of the same title.

Uell was born in the United States to Norwegian parents. Throughout his early life he would have a number of unique careers, such as running an advertising agency, wildcatting for oil, logging at the Columbia Sawmill, acting as a gunnery officer on a destroyer escort, and even a professional football player.

Anderson developed his inpirational and dynamic philosophy early in his life. He learned about the psychology of winning during his football years. During World War II he served as a Naval officer and in the heat of battle he learned that evil is the great illusion and that sin is error. Anderson was also influenced by the Christian Science writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and also studied the mystical teachings and philosophies of Emmanuel Swedenborg, Edgar Cayce, Daniel Dunglas Home, amd Jacob Boehme. Anderson believed that some area of mental or spiritual existance--or of immensely heightened perception--exists beyond and above man's surface personality and mind.

Although many of U.S. Anderson's writings were not necessarily catagorized as New Thought during his time, many of his concepts of Mind and Reality were inline with New Thought teachings. Uell was also an articulate spokesperson for mystical patriotism--the spiritual meaning of America. He gave powerful lectures and his insights into ecology led to the founding of his Atlantis University in Newport, Oregon, from where he taught his own brand of mysticism.

"When humility enters our souls, we are at last able to perceive that we do not live alone in the
world but with millions of brothers and sisters, and that hidden in the heart of each is the same animating spirit." --Uell Stanley Anderson

Published writings by Uell Stanley Anderson:


"3 Magic Words" 2010 Movie Trailer

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