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Formulating New Thought Wisdom

In order to fill one's cup with fresh tea,
one must be willing to empty the cup of old tea first.

(This wisdom comes from a famous Buddhist story).

The principal is about as simplistic as one can imagine. It can be achieved in a heart beat if one is not burdened with a lifetime of baggage. All thoughts are pure, but when they are blended with others thoughts they become a new thought. Earl Grey tea is no longer a flavour when you add milk and sugar, it becomes something else.

There must be purpose for thought to work in your favour. Your purpose must be sound for the thought to work. For instance, you may want a new car because you believe that it will make you happy. This is not a reasonable, sound thought. It has the "root belief," that things will make you happy.

All of us have had the experience of wanting something and receiving it only to discover that it did not make us happy. So basing our thoughts on things to bring us what we want, simply does not work all the time, because it is in reverse order.

The "root," of our desires must be clear on a conscious level in order to manifest physical results correctly. All desires are clear on a spiritual level and spirit manifests perfectly all the things that it desires to experience, on a subconscious level.

You must begin to make friends with your ego in order to work with it. To do this you must understand first that the separation between thought, word and deed is an illusion and then you must be willing to work within the illusion.

If ego wants a new car that is OK, but you must understand why it wants it. Is it simply a desire to have it because it is pretty, powerful or luxurious. Or is it because ego is sad, incomplete, depressed, jealous, lacking; what is the root cause for this new desire?

Once you discover what the root reason for the want is, then you may discover that the acquisition of the car is not going to bring the desired result.

So why does the "having," of the new car not bring happiness on delivery? It is because the focus has shifted temporarily from the root thought that manifested the car to a moment of happiness which is a learned response from earlier times.

The happiness will not last long or the reasons for the unhappiness will be buried and come up later. The car will not be nearly as attractive in a short time, because it is not what you really wanted in the first place.

To begin to change ones thoughts, one has to be ready to give-up a lifetime of baggage about what works and what doesn't work. In order to make that happen I believe that you must be in tune with your emotions and then find ways of expressing them.

In reverse order, in the car scenario, if you wanted to experience happiness, you would simply be happy first then express it physically with happy images or manifestations. Manifestations are physical images of thought. This is where the new car fits in and is an expression of your happiness, it is a thought manifested. In this case you don't need the car to be happy, because you were aware of your root thought and the car is only a symbol of your happiness. If you never got the car you would still be happy. In our culture we have things turned around ass backwards, and this is demonstrated in a society that does not appear to be happy much of the time, it does things, buys things, and believes in things that it hopes will bring happiness. But always this is in the future; we plan for happiness to come in the future once we have done something else. "It is backwards," and it never comes. What you plan for in the future must always stay in the future.

The root of happiness is always a thought about it first. Thought produces physical expressions of emotion and is manifested into physical objects or symbols. You will always experience what you think, but you will not always be in touch with what you are thinking on a conscious level. So the disappointment experienced after receiving delivery of the new car is not understood, because the decision to buy it was not founded on what was truly your original root thought.

To streamline the process and cut out all the fat in one's life, to lessen the burden you may feel, you must consider the ego, mind, and spirit as one. When all three work in harmony, the circumstances in your life are always experienced as freedom and gratitude, and not as struggle and disappointment.

The new thought process begins with communication between what the mind wants to experience, and what the ego desires. Learn to talk to the ego as a friend, your best friend. Don't be afraid to speak out loud, the power is in the spoken word. This ego thing is with you all your physical life, know what it wants intimately. Learn what the mind has sent you here to experience and then use the natural talents that are unique to your ego to create the circumstances that best reflect that collaboration. Your natural talents are a huge clue as to what your mind wants to experience.

Life's experiences move freely without struggle no matter what the expectations of the experiences expressed are. Nothing is beyond the reach of the ego when it has an agreement with mind and spirit. All that you experience now is a physical demonstration of how this process works, for what you may call good or bad.

To make things even simpler and to eliminate some of the baggage that comes with moral issues of right or wrong, good and bad; replace those thoughts with thoughts of "what works," and "what does not work." When you have contemplated the advantages of this philosophy and have practiced it, you will see that all things are connected, and what works well for you will also work well for all others, because you will be working in harmony with "mind," and mind is all there is. The right hand cannot hit the left, because they are connected to mind, and if the mind does not wish to experience the slapping, it cannot happen. All things are connected and work in harmony with the collective consciousness of ego.

It is ego that now experiences the collective circumstances that we are demonstrating in the world today. If these experiences are not bringing us the happiness that we desire, then it is because of an error in thought. We must discover the root thought for the experiences that we are having, in order to change what we are manifesting (creating).

The ability to reason, is an awesome responsibility, it is much like putting a hand grenade in the hands of an infant. Power can destroy us, and power is triggered by thought. If the power we have in our hands is greater than our ability or maturity to use it wisely, we will pull the pin, it can happen no other way. Power is not power unless it is experienced, and power made available to an undeveloped ego will destroy it.

Formulate new thought that is in harmony with what it is you want to experience collectively with mind and you shall have it. Mind is the collective (power), soul is ego (your individuality) and body is the results of all things working together (physical).

If your life is not working well for you, then there is a breakdown in communication with all the parts, you are not connected with your root thoughts, and the beginnings of what you have manifested or created.

The expression of root thought into physical manifestation or creation is thought, word, deed, and all parts must agree to produce a desired result.

Article Reference Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker and Teacher. Roy has written and published seven ebooks on New Age wisdom. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His books and articles are written in the simplicity and eloquence of Zen wisdom.

You may not always agree with what he has to say. You will always come away with a new perspective and your thinking will never be the same.
Roy's style is honest and comes straight from the heart without all the metaphorical mumble jumble and BS.
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