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Mental Strength and Mind Power

All the experiences you faced up to now are processed in two ways. One is in your conscious state and one process takes place in your sub conscious state. Your inner mind-map is created by you in your sub conscious state, therefore you don't actively remember the results and conclusions of this process. But you indeed act according to the results and conclusions of this process. It's time to draw your inner-mind map consciously. The best way to start with is to get rid of all kind of unnecessary information. Certainly most people had bad experiences by one means or another at some time in their life. If you didn't actively process these negative experiences, most probably you are carrying this burden with you in your sub conscious bag over years.

The following practice will give you the possibility to get rid of all unnecessary information that you carried with you in your sub consciousness. When you actively work on these experiences, you can consciously change your inner mind-map of your sub conscious self. If you live a passive life, in which you don't knowingly control your thoughts, your inner mind-map is constituted miscellaneously by all kind of outer influences either good or bad. By consciously giving form to your inner mind-map you will ensure an easier life for yourself. Before starting to draw the new lines of your fresh inner mind-map, it is very helpful to get rid of all negative and unnecessary information. By the end of this exercise you will feel very relieved. Your body and soul will be cleaned and you will feel very strong and powerful.

Final Goodbye

To start with this exercise you need to travel back in time and pick up all negative experiences, which are still hurting you. Be careful in picking up the right things. Even though you might think that you are over a particular issue, you will see that sometimes this might not be true. Therefore just try to remember all negative experiences. Later you will visualize them to eliminate them one after the other. During this visualizing you will see if your body reacts to the pictures in your mind or not. You will be surprised how much importance some issues still have for you, even though you thought that it is already past and forgotten.

Bearing this in mind, try to travel back to times when you experienced negative emotions. If you want to get rid of them for ever, this final time you will have to face them once again. When your emotions reach the peak point, in this very moment talk to this negative experience. Visualize all the scenes with all the connected emotions one again in front of your inner eyes. If you show bodily reactions to these emotions, such as sweating or heart beat its a clear sign that this negative experience is still burdening your inner sub conscious self.

When you talk to this negative experience, you need to be very calm. Your voice should posses a noble wisdom, while talking to it. Put yourself in a very high position and look at is from above. Tell it that it has no control over your life and that you won't allow it to depress you. Tell it that you alone are can decide, who or what will be part of your life. And also tell it that you decided to relegate it out of your life. Project this victory on your voice, you are strong. When you feel weak, quickly remember that you have shown true courage to face this experience once again, and you have also bravely banned this experience out of your life, for ever. Decidedly tell this negative experience that your heard and soul is fully cured of this issue and that it made you only stronger. Tell it that you are so strong now that you can easily get rid of it. Say goodbye and with a satisfaction in your voice, nominate this negative experience as the big looser of this game.

Now, take a deep breath and when breathing out feel how you for ever let go of all these negative scenes in your mind, which caused all these negative feelings. All are gone now. Enjoy your cleansed soul for a while and feel the purity inside. Now you are freed of them and demonstrated true courage. You have shown yourself and the universe that you are able to control your thoughts and that you are able to decide over your own life. Now you are truly qualified and deserve to be rewarded by the universe. Believe in your strength and protect your true mental freedom, and everything is yours.

Take a few minutes to regenerate. Feel how the victory is filling every single cell of your body. Feel how the freedom spreads in every corner of your mind. Feel the relieve of unloading all the unnecessary burden in your sub conscious self. You can be really proud of yourself. You successfully managed to bravely face all the negative emotions and you decidedly got rid of them. Celebrate your victory of being a strong and purified person. Appreciate this big step, because right now you just built another mile stone on your quest of changing your life.


Forgiving can be regarded as the continuation of the relief process. Forgiving your past failures will relieve you as much as throwing away old burden. When both steps are accomplished your will truly feel in ease. Especially when you forgive yourself your power and strength will be amplified more than ever before. Take your time to find out what exactly is bothering you the most. Travel back in time to detect the main persons and situation, who or which you think was harming you the most. It doesn't matter if this person is you.

First try to imagine the face of this person as detailed as possible. When you visualize this person with enough clearness start to talk to him. Tell this person about all your emotions that you were feeling in the past. Do not hesitate in choosing the right words. Just talk as you like and say whatever you want to say to this person.

After telling him/her all your feelings back at that time, now take a few silent minutes and think about your current situation. Realize how much things changed. If your feelings towards this person didn't change, then realize that you are about the change things in your life. Use this excitement as a motivation and decidedly work on changing your life. Take a deep breath and tell him/her that you are tired of carrying him/her along with you through your whole life. Tell him/her that you decided to change his/her priority in your life. You don't want to spend any further energy to hate or ignore this person. You are fully in peace with yourself and know that you have to move on. And exactly because of this you want to show him/her that he/she is no more part of your life.

Don't be confused if you want to forgive yourself. You can say the very same words also to yourself. Because you are not the person anymore who did this particular mistake in the past. This past person is no more part of your life. Your life flows, goes on and on. You must flow with it and change yourself every instant towards good things. Don't get stuck in the past, this will stop the flow and hinder your vitality. Instead give yourself a new change and promise yourself that you will do things so much better than ever. Remember that once you forgive a mistake, this mistake is never ever repeated again, if this person (no matter if its you or somebody else) sincerely regrets his mistakes.

When taking a deep breath in, see it as a symbol to fill your life with new fresh and vital thoughts just as you fill your lungs with new and fresh air. Both will bring you a lot of power and energy. When breathing out see this process as a symbol of letting go of ever old, used, negative and toxic thoughts in your life just as you get rid of toxic air when breathing out. Then open your eyes and smile. Silently or loudly celebrate your victory. You are always the winner, it only depends on how you think. Love yourself for bringing up the strength to face this situation. The rewards is much more joyful and relieving than you would have imagined. The mile stone you just set on your quest of changing your life will definitely reward you with the manifestation of your wishes and desires in your life. Here we briefly tried to show how helpful forgiving can be for your health and mental maturity health and mental maturity you can read an extensive description, which was too long to be presented here.


This practice will discharge all the unnecessarily used areas of your brain. Before the cleansing procedure your brain was sub consciously working incessantly to keep this memory alive. You never told your brain to stop this process, so it continued and continued up to now. With this practice you will unlock the jam of impulses in your brain areas, where these negative thoughts were silently and constantly produced. Now your brain power can be equally distributed over all nerve cells, so that the actual areas can be fed with electrical impulses. You will feel a big difference in your concentration. You have just multiplied your brain capacity tenfold.

Article Reference: Anna Emilie Eight writes about self-improvement and personal development
and brings near methods and helpful everyday exercises to her readers.

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