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Would you like to try a mental science experiment?

One major factor of any science experiment is change. Take a cup and fill it with vingegar, add baking soda, and then watch the chemical change occur right before you eyes as the vinegar begins to bubble over. Science can really seem magical. You start with something, then you add something (or take something away) and a change or transformation occurs and you have something new.

Science can be applied to the mind as well. You can experiment with your mind by adding new thoughts or removing/replacing current thoughts and waiting for the magic to happen; it will because it's science.

Your life can become a science experiment too; you can take a situation, change something about it, and measure the effect of that change on the situation.

When you change your mind you change your life.

In the early 20th century, science was a comfort to many people because it offered predictability and reliability in a chaotic and insecure world. New technologies offered much needed conveniences and this gave us better control over our lives. Science was becoming the new religion and even some spiritually-minded folks became skeptical in their thinking.

In the early 1900's science became a powerful tool and noone could deny the influence it was having on their personal lives and in the world at large. It was changing the way we lived, worked and how we spent our leisure time; it also affected our relationships and the way we communicated. Major and minor aspects of our lives were transformed right before our eyes as science continued to gain momentum. The scientific-minded individuals were also gaining an advantage and respected by the majority. The religious and spiritual-minded people seemed to be falling behind the times. Although they still discovered many spiritual tools that worked predictably and reliably, they were still met with skepticism or not taken seriously. They needed to discover a way to explain their religious or spiritual point of views to a world that was becoming more and more scientific minded. So many of these folks began speaking about their discoveries and ideas in more scientific terms. They called their philosophies by many names, such as: Scientific Christianity, Divine Science, and Mental Science.

The phrase "Science of mind" circulated into the mainstream world because of a man named Ernest Holmes who was one of the great minds of the early new thought movement. In 1926, Holmes wrote a powerful little book titled "The Science of Mind", which he later revised in 1928. The book is still a classic in modern times and is actually the basic text for The United Churches of Religious Science. For over 75 years, this scientific-spiritual based churched also published a magazine using the same title. Like similar 'new thought' literature during the early 1900's, its purpose was to help people change their lives by changing their thinking. Just like the benefits of science which was striving to make the world a better place to live through the process of change, spiritual science of the mind was all about creating change in order to create a better life.

The basic principle behing the science of mind--and the essence of the entire New Thought movement in general, is a deep belief that there is a Spiritual aspect in all human beings. For many people, this Spirit is God. If an individual was committed to learning how to think, speak, and act as if this were the true reality, then their lives would show measurable results. When positive and consistant changes are made to attitudes and beliefs then life starts to change. Even physical and mental health will improve; sleep becomes more peaceful and daily living becomes more joyfull; relationships become happier and healthier and life becomes easier and more secure. The new thoughts of the science of the mind can help people develop the wisdom that is necessary to handle challenging situations in life with grace and ease. Imagine a world where every indidividual could have everything they need whenever they needed it.

The early writings on the science of the mind were often veiled in religious contexts. The writings would reveal the very scientific process of these life-changing principles while still staying true to the spiritual foundation from which they arose. The laws that make the science of the mind truly work would not be possible without the spiritual forces that set them in motion.

The world changed in many ways and science and spirituality are still at odds with one another, yet at the same time, they are starting to merge. The science of the mind remains a strong force in the world of business and personal success literature, but with the religious and spiritual language taken out. This caused these mental scientific life changing philosophiesto be met with skepticism or condemnation by many modern day and mainstream religious-minded folks. The non-religious or scientific minded individuals, it was not enough to know that the science of the mind principles actually worked; they wanted to know why and how it worked. To know how it works and to understand the mechanism of action that is occuring behind the scenes, one must emrbace both science and spirituality together. This is sometimes a difficult concept for many people to embrace in a world still divided between a scientific world-view, and a spiritual one.

The mainstream is becoming more informed about the reality of quantum mechanics. The work of quantum science aims to explain how the mind really works. The discoveries being made are beginning to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. These quantum discoveries are proving what spirituality knew all along (but expressed it in a completely different way).

The early science of the mind writings are not becoming even more relevant today. Whether you are of a religious or scientific mind-set, you are sure to benefit from the life-changing pricnples found in the Science of the Mind.

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