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The Law of Attraction - Part 1 - My Take

I must confess that I got sucked into the whole "Law of Attraction" hype when The Secret DVD first came out. I was very intrigued when I watched it the first time. It all seemed so new yet so familiar. I knew I had heard things like that before but never presented in that way. Most of it sounded and felt right but some of it just didn't harmonize with what I knew to be true. So I set out on a small quest to study and understand the Law of Attraction and try to make some sense of it.

Most of my concerns had to do with reconciling the things taught about the Law of Attraction and my Christian belief in God. My first thought was that the things they talked about in the video were true. However, I felt some of their explanations of how or why it worked to be in error.

What I want to attempt over the next several articles is to offer my own, personal, explanation of why and how the Law of Attraction works in terms of my belief in God. I don't know that my ideas and theories are completely correct but I offer them as possibilities of what it is that makes the Law of Attraction work.

Natural Laws

First of all they talk about the universe and how the universe will bring back to you what ever it is you put out there, whatever it is you think about or concentrate on, whatever your desires are - the universe returns it to you. The first thing I would say is it is not the universe. But I would also say that it's not necessarily God any more than the fact that when you drop a rock it is susceptible to the laws that God has put forth. The law of gravity is one of them. So when you drop a rock or any object it will fall. It is subject to the law of gravity.

What I'm saying is that these are natural laws. These are laws that God created. So when they say that the universe returns it to you, really it is just a natural law that is being followed. What you think about, what you dwell upon, brings that into your life. So it isn't necessarily God that's returning it to you but its God's law in effect.

I don't know that He is consciously making a decision, "Okay, you're dwelling upon this negative thing and therefore I'm going to make it come to pass in your life." I think it's just His law in effect just as much as the law of gravity is in effect in your life. He doesn't decide every time you drop a rock whether He's going to put the law of gravity into effect. It just happens. It's a universal law and it's already set in motion, its set in place and His laws just work. So what I'm saying is that the Law of Attraction is a natural law.

Natural Laws are Laws of God

But it's a law that few people understand. It's a law that is a true law. It's not magic in any way. Its nature working as it does in all areas of science. When we talk about nature all we are really talking about are God's laws. We are talking about the laws of how things work, about life, about physics, about chemistry. These are scientific laws which are natural laws which in reality are laws of God. So when someone is following the concepts of the Law of Attraction, about applying your thoughts to the things you desire, it really is applying a law of God.

The Application of Faith

Now, here is the startling thing that may surprise you - the Law of Attraction is simply the application of FAITH. When we talk about faith we generally narrow it down and confine it to religious beliefs and of course faith is involved in religion. But faith is more than that. It is really a much broader concept. You can have a desire or yearning that something will happen or to be something or to have something and that involves faith.

What is faith? When you think about faith you may think of a belief in God, or a religion. You may think of confidence or loyalty to something. But when a person exercises faith, what is it they are really doing? Isn't the actual act of exercising faith essentially the process of mental exertion? Isn't it focusing your thoughts and intents upon a subject? Isn't it the visions or mental pictures you create in your mind? Isn't it the deepest desires and aspirations of your heart? So what I'm saying is the Law of Attraction involves faith.

I believe all of the ideas around the Law of Attraction can be explained in the context of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of what we know about this world and about God. My intent is to take this information and explain it in this light, in its true senseFree Articles, as much as I can.

The Law of Attraction - Part 2 - It's No Secret

Article Reference: Garold N. Larson writes on personal development topics. You can find more information at Keys to Personal Development.

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