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The Law of Attraction and Shared Reality

This article discusses the apparent hole in current law of attraction theories that cannot account for common objects and situations that exist in our environment. These are typically natural manifestations that are independent of the human mind. The biggest part of these being the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. The concept of shared reality is introduced in an effort to fill in the gap. Shared realities are the merging of personal realities to satify the mutual objectives of two or more persons. This concept also addresses the affect one person's reality has on another, as we see in personal relationships.

Law of attraction practitioners or “attractionists” claim that our own thoughts create the reality we experience. In other words, our thoughts attract the objects and situations that come into our lives. Attractionists contend that we alone are responsible for our happiness and discontent. The LOA ensures that all thoughts manifest without exception. These manifestations of our mind are conceived as thought forms. They become the things we perceive through our five senses. Thought forms are established on another level of reality. They proceed to interact with an infinite number of possibilities. As we direct our attention toward specific possibilities, thought forms become probabilities. In each moment, a probability will materialize before us. The LOA facilitates this process in tandem with other universal laws.

At some point, the attractionists must consider the fact that traditional LOA theories do not adequately address the presence of things existing outside of personal manifestation. The LOA cannot account for natural manifestations such as animals, trees, rocks, and the Earth itself. These things are available to everyone and exist independently of our thoughts. While we may be able to observe such objects in our environment, we cannot manufacture them with our minds. For example, it is quite possible to visualize a trip to Yellowstone National Park and have the forces of attraction bring that about. It is not possible to create the Yellowstone National Park. The Universal Mind has already created this beautiful sanctuary for us.

I believe this mystery can be solved by looking at a theory known as “shared reality.” Shared realities form when two personal realities join for a common purpose. Two or more like-minded people moving toward a certain future probability will eventually experience the same reality. In doing so, people mutually share common elements. For instance, people in a dog park share the same space for the enjoyment of their pets. These are separate realities merging for a particular purpose. That’s one aspect of shared reality. Allow me to expand on this concept.

Shared reality has greater implications in the way one person’s experience affects that of another. It becomes much more complicated we enter into relationships. This happens in instances where two people get married, or a group of friends starts a rock band. People come together for myriad reasons. Maybe you work at GE with hundreds of co-workers. Perhaps you belong to the Masons. Because our survival depends on our relationships, shared reality is a fact.

People who form a community establish what is known as “common reality.” The global community is defined as a “universal reality.” These are larger shared realities where members determine the meaning of things. Members of a common reality contract to agree on all aspects of their community. These arrangements include such things as labels and descriptions. For example, a resolution would be made as to what characteristics distinguish a cat from a dog. When an person breaches this contract by operating outside of common reality, the harmony of the group is disrupted. A person bringing radical ideas to the community can disrupt the rather delicate balance of the group.

By comprehending shared realities, we are able to fill the void left by current LOA theories. The shared reality theory accounts for the existence of things that cannot be explained by the LOA. Shared reality also explains the dynamics between multiple personal realities including the common reality. While these are theories and not practical applications of the LOA, they serve to offer us a better understanding of a powerful force.

I want to reassure LOA enthusiasts that this piece is not an attack on their belief system. I’m merely pointing out a gap in this philosophy. The law of attraction is a fundamental principle in metaphysical thinking.

Article Reference: David Almeida is a long-time metaphysicist. He has studied Rosicrucian philosophy and esoteric knowledge for several decades. David has earned the title of certified hypnotist and Reiki healer. He is also the author of Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle -

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