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Quotes by Christian D. Larson

New Thought Author Christian D. Larson

(1874 – 1954)

"Whenever you appreciate a certain thing you become conscious of its real quality, and whenever you become conscious of the quality of anything, you begin to develop that quality in yourself." - Christian D. Larson

“Remove the cause of sadness by giving all the elements of life to the spirit of joy. Smile away the darkness and the gloom; sing away the discord and the pain; banish tribulation with rejoicing; then you may in truth be joyous and be glad; and every hour of your long and triumphant life will add new evidence to that great inspiring statement — all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song.” -- Christian D. Larson Just Be Glad (1912)

“Every circumstance you meet contains something for you; because it is made to enrich your life, to serve you, and to promote your welfare in every way possible.” -- Christian D. Larson Mastery of Fate (1908)

“Be in harmony with all things and all persons at all times. Relate yourself harmonsiously to all circumstances and conditions and be at peace with all creatures, all elements and all forces. When you are out of harmony you are out of Poise. ” -- Christian D. Larson Poise And Power (1907)

“This is our purpose: To live the purest, the largest, the fairest, the most useful, the most beautiful and the most spiritual life possible, just for today. To be our very best here and now, with no desire to outshine some other being, but simly to be all that we are in divine being now. ” -- Christian D. Larson The Pathway Of Roses (1912)

“The body always is young, and will look young as long as the mind feels young; this is the great secret” -- Christian D. Larson How To Stay Young (1908)

“We have, according to modern discovery, marvelous powers--even miracle powers--in the depth of mind and soul; and they are there to be used. We can use them, however, only as we deepen our thought, raise our consciousness, and go farther into the spirit; or, as we to to God, and place our lives in the Life of the Supreme.” -- Christian D. Larson Leave It To God (1040)

“In using the power of the mind, the deeper the action of thought, will and desire, the greater the result. Accordingly, all mental action to be strong and effective, must be subconscious; that is, it must act in the field of the mental undercurrent as it is in this field tha things are actually done.” -- Christian D. Larson Your Forces And How To Use Them (1910)


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