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Quotes by William John Murray

New Thought Author William John Murray

(birth unknown - death 1925)

“When a man's intentions are working in harmony with God's intention all things conspire in his favor” --William John Murray

“We are coming as never before to realize that sickness is not a divine institution, but that it is due to some form of mental wretchedness--concealed, perhaps, from friends, but nevertheless there. The extraordinary man seeks after health much as the extraordinary man seeks for heaven; and strangely enough there comes a time when both find what they are looking for in the same place, and in the last place they look for it." --William John Murray, The Realms of Reality (1922)

“There is within you the image of God. There is within you the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is this you must call upon. Call upon it to control your planetary influences; to overcome your horoscope as you would overcome sin of any kind." --W. John Murray, The Astor Lectures (1917)


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