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William John Murray

(birth unknown - death 1925)

New Thought Author William John Murray

About New Thought Author William John Murray

William John Murray was a Divine Science minister who founded the Church of the Healing Christ in New York City in 1906.

Murray's mother was related to Lord Fitzgerald's family in Ireland and had emigrated to the England due to the oppression and injustice in her homeland. He was also a distant cousin to the Irish leader, Michael Davitt. Murray was a preocious student as a young boy, even fluently speaking and teaching Latin when he was only fourteen. He later moved to New York, and in his early adulthood developed a passion for sports and physical development, becoming well known for his athletic achievements and records; his passion in this area would later color many of the illustration and figures used in so many of his talks and writings.

A few years later, Murray moved to Southern California, where he would eventually meet Ms. Sara Van Alen Pollard. The two were married in 1896, and that same year he went into business with his brother in Santa Barbara.

A short while later, Murray's wife suddenly became seriously ill and her case was pronounced hopeless even by the best physicians. After trying several alternative healing methods, she was finally recovered from her illness and restored to health through Christian Science. This healing impressed the Murray's so much that they decided to begin studying the Christian Science healing methods. They would go on to devote their lives to Christian Science activities.

Both Murray and his wife became practioners of Christian Science and relocated to San Francisco, where after many early struggles, their work became highly successful. They eventually established the first sanitarium on the Pacific Coast that was devoted entirely to Spiritual Healing. The Murrays later adopted several children after losing a couple children of their own. They were also active in helping the needy, and sacraficed a lot of their time for the purpose of healing children.

In 1915, Murray was arrested practicing Medicine without a license, by two undercover NYPD detectives who observed him praying over an individual for healing.

In 1916, William John Murray founded the Church of the Healing Christ, in New York City. Murray presided over the largest New Thought church in the city at the time. It was 1917, when he first became affiliated with the Divine Science movement. Murray had received permission from the Divine Science organization in Denver, to also call his church The ' of New York, in addition to its original name. W. John Murray was a dynamic speaker and an influential force in the New Thought movement. He went on to write several books on the topics of spirituality and man's relationship to God.

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