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The Law of Attraction - Part 3 - Examples

This is part 3 in my 6-part series on the Law of Attraction. Today I want to discuss examples of the Law of Attraction working in different people's lives. I'm sure as I give these examples you can think of real people you know that fit these descriptions. Now, I can't read minds and neither can you. But when you think of people in your life, people that you are intimately acquainted with, you generally know what these people think about on a regular basis by what they say and do. I think we can agree on that. So here are my examples:

Example 1 - Health

Have you noticed that the people that are ill or sick on a frequent basis are usually the ones who are continually talking about illnesses and sickness? It's on their minds - look at their bookshelves. You'll find all kinds of books about medicines, about diseases, about cures for every ailment known to man. That's where their mind is - it's on their health problems. They are constantly thinking about it and constantly talking about it. You can hardly sit down with them and have a conversation with them without them telling you about what pain or ailment they are suffering with that day or that week.

I guarantee that you know somebody like this. Am I right?

When you talk to healthy people, people who have energy, who seem to just radiate with good health - what do you experience them thinking about and talking about and doing? Is it any of the negative stuff? No! Usually they're eating healthy food, they're talking about the next race their going to run or their latest workout - it's always positive and good things. Therefore they have attracted that in their life. We are drawn towards what we think about. We create in our lives what we think about.

Now you might think, well is it the chicken before the egg or the egg before the chicken? Which came first? Maybe they became unhealthy and therefore that's what they talk about. The healthy person, because they are healthy, that's what they talk about and maybe that's how it came about and not the other way around. Maybe so, but I intend to prove it otherwise.

Example 2 - Wealth

We talked about health. Let's talk about wealth. When you talk to a person who is struggling financially, who never seems to be able to make ends meet, what do they generally talk about and what do you think are the images and thoughts in their mind? Well, I know people like that also. When I'm with them they continually talk and complain about how bad things are, about how they never have enough money, how their spouse always spends all the money they have, how they need a better job, how they need to earn more money and on and on. And guess what-they continually have those same things in their life.

When you talk and associate with someone who has wealth, what do they talk about, what do they think about? Is it continually on negative things?

You might say, "Well of course they're not going to talk about negative things, they don't have any negative things in their life." Well, I'm suggesting to you that the reason that they don't have those negative things in their lives, those negative experiences, and the reason they have wealth, is because they think about wealth, they think about what they want, what they desire and they have positive thoughts, positive vibrations that are sent out and that is what is created and attracted to them.

Example 3 - Relationships

I know a couple that has an extremely negative relationship. They can't stand to be with each other. When you are with one or the other what is it that they are talking about? What's on their minds? What visions do they have in their minds? It's always about the other person and how bad their relationship is, how awful they are, the things they don't do, how miserable they are and on and on. You can scarcely get them to talk about themselves because they continually talk about this other person who is making them so miserable.

Yet I know another couple, a very happy couple. They are in their eighties. I was just with them the other day and I watched their interaction with each other. I listened to the way he talked about her in front of me and I was amazed at how loving, how kind, how gentle he spoke about her as if she was a queen. He talked about her "amazing" talents and how wonderful of a person she was. She was sitting right there and she was simply glowing. And she talked about her husband in the same manner. Guess what kind of relationship they have. An amazingly loving and wonderful relationship.

Now again, is it the chicken before the egg or the egg before the chicken? Do they talk that way and feel that way about each other because they have such a great relationship or do they have such a great relationship because they talk that way and feel that way about each other?

I submit to you that they have that kind of relationship because that's the way they think, that's the way they talk and that's the way they feel about each other.

People have wealth because that's the way they think, that's the way they talk and that's the way they feel about wealth.

People have health because that's the way they think, that's the way they talk and that's the way they feel about their health.

I believe the evidence is clear. I believe I can look at anyone's life, their healthBusiness Management Articles, wealth or relationships and determine what kinds of thoughts they entertain on a regular basis. My challenge to you is to pay attention to what you are thinking about. What are your dominant thoughts on a day to day basis? Then change them to correspond with what you truly desire and you will literally change your destiny by changing your thoughts.

Thank you.

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