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Unity Consciousness - Video #3

A metaphysical journey into unity consciousness with amazing graphics and peaceful music.

"All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body Nature is, and God the soul." ~ Alexander Pope

Just as the same water permeates and gives form to every wave upon the ocean's surface, the same universal Spirit permeates and gives form to every part of creation. Look beyond the fleeting surface of form and shape; penetrate your awareness to the essence of who you are. Using the ocean and its waves as an analogy, know yourself as the water, and not the fleeting waves. When you can look deeply into the eyes of another part of creation and begin to recognize your own self looking back, be assured that you are seeing through the eyes of the Spirit. When this occurs, also be assured that you are approaching a new level of spiritual awareness and you are on your way home to remembering the fullness of who you are...

The universe forever expands and contracts in cycle. Each expansion and contraction is the very heart beat and breath of God's body. Every created cycle begins in the same manner--"Let there be light". All of creation--both the physical and the non-physical--emerges from that vibartion of Light. Every aspect of creation is a different vibration of that one light, inter-connected and commingling and one undifferentiated mass...

The physical universe is the body of God. It is the part og God where knowledge is turned into experience. For God, simply knowing conceptionally what it means to be "I AM" is not enough. Conceptual knowledge must be moved into experience in order to be realized as a state of being. To God, Moses referred to Himself in Hebrew scripture as: "I Am That I Am". Hundreds of years earlier in Hindu scripture, while speaking to Prince Arjuna, God in the form of Krishna (which means Christ in Sanskrit) similarly referred to Himself as simply: "I Am That". As the great 'I Am', God uses Her creative powers to continually explore what the depths of what it means to exist, because there is literally no end to what 'I Am" means. God endlessly creates and re-creates the universe out of His own Spirit in order to explore and experience every neverending subtle nuance of His definition. God doesn't just desire to conceptualize what I AM means, She desires to move that knowledge into experience through each of us...

'We are literally a part of God experiencing Himself' [Excerpts from video]

Unity Consciousness:

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