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Unity Consciousness - Video #3

A mystical journey into the consciousness of unity with beautiful graphics and inspiring music.

Your Although the familiar parent/child analogy may closely describe our relationship with God, our true connection with deity runs much deeper. Long before our physical births our souls were organized from the Spirit of God. He organized our souls from his own Self; that is why we are the children of God; that is why we were created in God's image. This image is a spiritual image. It is the core and true essence of what we are made of. Because we sprang from the Spirit of God we are literally Her offspring. When we say that we were created in the image of God, this does not refer to some 3 dimensional human image, as some assume. Those who mistakingly assume this have failed to trace the manifestations of God deep enough to their original source...

God is journeying within and around each of us at every moment, because each of our journey's are also His own. Free agency, or our sense of individuality, is the greatest gift that God has given to His offspring. In the process of surrendering everything we have back to God, we eventually will reach a point in our spiritual evolution when we will realize that we have nothing to give back to God except the one thing She will never take from us without our permission---our individuality, or free agency. Giving God back our free agency is the final gift we can give Her. It is our ultimate act of Love for God. When each soul eventually relinquishes to God its free agnecy the veil of sperataion, its illusion, will then be lifted and we will each penetrate the ultimate reality...

We are all ONE. This is the great secret that lies beyond the mind's ability to comprehend. This is the truth that is eventually unfolded to our awareness through the process of enlightenment. Reaching a state of enlightenment does not mean that you suddenly burst into a ball of light; or, that you are 'translated' as some religions call it; or that you are mysteriously swooped away on a chariot of fire; nor does enlightenment mean that you miraculously become something besides what you always have been. Rather, enlightenment is a true remmeberence of the whole self beyond time and space. It is remembering that the same essence that vibrates as your body and your soul also vibrates through all of creation. Enlightenment is knowing and experiencing this essence as your True Self. It is becoming fully aware of God as being both within you and all around you... [Excerpts from video]

Unity Consciousness:

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