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Unity Consciousness - Video #4

A spiritual new age journey beyond time and space exploring the Oneness of God and the path of self awakening and enlightenment.

'Whosoever drinks from my mouth shall become as I AM, and I will become that person, and the mysteries will be revealed to him' -Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Thomas

The final outcome of our journey already exists at a higher level. The choices we make though, are vital because they determine the harship and the individual duration of each soul's journey through time and apace, home again toward enlightement. With each of the major choices we make we either give in to fear, or we choose love. With each choice we make we wither plunge ourselves deeper into illusion and ignorance, and the belief in separation; or we near the Oneness of enlightenment...

Evil acts are not caused by people who are innately wicked, but rather they are a result of ignorance. A person who commits evil acts is demonstrating that he or she has not realized the ultimate truth---that we are all one. All forms of sin are rooted in selfishness and greed, and all selfishness and greed is rooted in the ignorance of the true self. As you abandon selfishness and greed by embracing compassion, charity and unconditional love, enlightenment will naturally unfold within you. Your concept of self will begin to expand beyond the confines of your physical body until you return again to a state of Oneness. This is the pathway toward enlightenment that all ascended masters like Christ, Buddha and Krishna have taught.

Different people are attracted to, or born into, different religions because of their differing degrees of spiritual awareness. Our experiences in this world, including our religious ones, are tailored to give us exactly what we need next according to our level of self realization... ... [Excerpts from video]

Unity Consciousness:

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