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New Thought Authors

A collection of early new thought authors and pioneers of the movementwith a bio of the author's life and a list of their published works; also included are writers and speakers who were influential to the new thought and mental science movement, and those within field of self-help, personal development and success.

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Allen, James

Anderson, C. Alan

Anderson, Uell Stanley

Atkinson, William Walker

Bailes, Frederick

Barker, Raymond Charles

Behrend, Genevieve

Bendall, George

Boehme, Kate Atkinson

Boyd, Thomas Parker Brooks, Nona Lovell

Cady, Harriett Emilie

Carnegie, Dale

Collier, Robert

Cramer, Malinda

Donald Curtis

Horatio W. Dresser

Dresser, Julius A.

Dumont, Theron Q.

Eddy, Mary Baker

Evans, Warren Felt

Fillmore, Charles

Fillmore, Myrtle

Fox, Emmet

Freeman, James Dillet

Gestefeld, Ursula N.

Grier, Albert C.

Grayson, Stuart

Green, Perry Joseph

Haddock, Frank Channing

Hamblin, Henry Thomas

Haanel, Charles F.

Hill, Napoleon

Holmes, Ernest

Holmes, Fenwicke

Hopkins, Emma Curtis

Hudson, Thomson Jay

James, Fannie Brooks

Landone, Brown

Larson, Christian D.

Mandus, Brother

Mann, Mildred

Marden, Orison Swett

Militz, Annie Rix

Moses, Alfred G.

Mozumdar, A.K

Mulfordm Prentice

Murphy, Joseph

Murray, William John

Nightengale, Earl

Patterson, Charles Brodie

Wilmans-Post, Helen

Quimby, Phineas P.

Randall, J. Herman

Rawson, Frederick L.

Obinson, Frank B.

Sanford, Agnes

Sears, Franklin W.

Sears, Julia Seton

Shinn, Florence Scovel

Small, Alethea Brooks

Stone, William Clement

Masaharu Taniguchi

Towne, Elizabeth

Trine, Ralph Waldo

Troward, Howard

Wattles, Wallace

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